Week 10

Week 10

The online learning transition for me has been bittersweet. I am a commuter student, and because my job also cut back in-office hours, I have gotten eight hours of my week back that I no longer spend in my car. That being said, I really miss seeing my friends, in-class discussions, and being on our beautiful campus in the Spring! I wish I had taken some pictures of the daffodils by Combs. I thought we were going to be back this week. 

This first week hasn’t been the absolute smoothest transition, but I imagine that’s true for almost everyone right now. I feel lucky that I don’t have issues with wifi or access to the apps used for communication, but it is an adjustment period. I feel hopeful I will be better organized with all of this next week. 

My reaction to the Daisey story that I shared on our discussion board and will share again here is primarily just utter disappointment in the discovery of the number of false claims and invented people in his story. Daisey was able to craft such an emotional, moving portrait of the real impact of the lack of restrictions and oversight regarding labor on the workers. The human stories he told were heartbreaking, and despite the fact that he rooted these characters in real experiences, to learn that they were not real is such a letdown. While his motivations may be to highlight the situation, his decision to be willing to compromise the journalistic integrity of This American Life feels self-promoting, and fake.

To more concretely answer the question, Does it matter that Mike Daisey lied about the details if the essence of the story is true? I think it absolutely matters. His avoidance to admit the whole truth even when he’s been caught calls into question his motivation. He knowingly allowed his fake stories and fabricated characters to be presented as real experiences, as journalism.  The fact is, that the biggest takeaway becomes the lie, and not the message he was attempting to convey. It’s unfortunate, but true. Even if his intentions originally were positive, by the end of the scandal, that outcome of awareness that he was striving for won’t come to fruition. The first association with his story, will be the lie.

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