Week 12

I still have not finished my Digital Archaeology project. I was fluctuating between whether or not to work on either my seventh generation iPod Nano or my iPhone 7+. Because of the nature of disassembly on Apple products I would be doing the lived history for both. The iPod had a very brief but eventful one, and the iPhone I have had for four years.

Sidebar: In thinking about iPod Nanos, I also remembered one of my all-time favorite commercials, which is Apple’s Nano commercial that utilized Feist’s “1234” music video. (I have been trying to find a version better than 240p, but no such luck.) 

I bought the iPod around the time that I graduated high school in 2016 (I am working to pinpoint an exact date of purchase, but there aren’t any photos of it, so it’s difficult), and had dropped it and totally shattered the screen within a couple months. Even though I only had the iPod for a short period, I think that I want to examine its lived history, because it was so eventful. I am also going to try to see if I can get it operational enough to see what music was on it at the time, because I think that will make for a very interesting digital time capsule.

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