Hello World!

I am currently working on assembling a portfolio of projects, and could see utilizing this domain as a showcase of work I have done at UMW, volunteering for local campaigns, and at my job. 

My domain is rmgiles.com, which I chose and had set up last year before I had to drop Digital Storytelling. I stand by the title, but maybe it would have been better to go with my full first and last name? I’m not certain. I would not want my digital presence to be under a complete pseudonym, but I sort of like the false sense of anonymity that using initials provides.

The only social media I currently want to include on this domain are my #bookstagram account (@areadingrachel) and Goodreads profile (goodreads.com/areadingrachel), because I am otherwise on a temporary social media break in 2020. This New Year’s Resolution has been life-changing in a meaningful way, even though it has only been a couple weeks.

I am excited to see how I can grow this domain this semester, and look forward to getting better at using WordPress!

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